Longleaf Elementary has been named a Participating School by the MAC (Mississippi Arts Commission). We have many professional development opportunities for our teachers to attend. We will be integrating arts in our classroom and throughout the school to allow our students to deepen their knowledge and learning experiences.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lighting of Longleaf 2016

Lighting of Longleaf is one of my favorite Longleaf traditions! This special night brings our families and community together to celebrate the holiday season! It's so much fun watching the kids visit Santa and drink hot chocolate, and the student-made ornaments are a sight to see! However, the best part of the night is watching the kids sing! Wow, these kids can put on a show! Our talented music teacher, Jennifer Timidaiski, never disappoints. 

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 


Vocabulary Parade

In order to encourage vocabulary development, the Longleaf 2nd grade teachers planned a vocabulary parade! Each of the six classes were given a suggested word list for the students to choose a word from for their study. The students were given a “Costume Design Planning Sheet” to assist them at home during the development of their costume design. During the planning stage the students learned the definition of the word, learned how to use the word in a sentence, and also sketched their costume ideas. The students proudly marched the parade route showing off their word to Longleaf students and families. After the parade, the students gathered with the other classes for a “meet and greet” to teach their friends about their words, as well as show off their costumes and learn from others. 

Wow! I think this parade will become a new Longleaf tradition! 

Good Job, Second Grade!