Longleaf Elementary has been named a Participating School by the MAC (Mississippi Arts Commission). We have many professional development opportunities for our teachers to attend. We will be integrating arts in our classroom and throughout the school to allow our students to deepen their knowledge and learning experiences.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Greatest Longleaf Family Arts Night

 Longleaf students and families had a blast at Longleaf Family Arts Night! This year we were inspired by the movie, The Greatest Showman. Everyone loved the circus theme! 

So...Step Right Up to see all the fun things we did!  

The Student Art Show was AMAZING! We have so many talented kiddos at Longleaf!

Families were greeted by some interesting characters! 

This is Big Tina!

This guy doesn't have a name, but he's pretty cute!

The Arts Experiences were so much fun! 

The Photography Experience...inspired by The Greatest Showman!

We added face painting to the Photography Experience this year!

It was a hit!

The Collage Experience...inspired by Henri Matisse! 

We learned to "draw" with scissors...just like Matisse! 

Check out our cool elephant mural! 

The Painting Experience...inspired by Jackson Pollock!

We painted with circus foods! Circus peanuts, animal crackers, and popcorn!

Fun but messy! I think Pollock would approve! Throwing paint was his favorite technique! 

The Color Experience...inspired by circus candy!

Mixing colors is fun!

The Drawing Experience...inspired by circus animals! 

The Dance Experience was a real Three-Ring Circus! 

We made "tightrope" coil pots at the Pottery Experience!

Everyone loved watching Limelight perform their circus-themed show!

Let's not forget about the Local Artist Silent Auction! We had so many great art pieces donated by local artists! Thanks to all the artists who donated!

This definitely was "The Greatest" Longleaf Family Arts Night!